Folding Machines
Six folding machines with options for folding map and gate folds
Perfect Binding and 3-knife trimmer
Muller Martini Perfect Binding, with 18 collating stations at hourly speed of 3800 copies
Kolbus 3-knife trimmer
Sewing Machine
  One sewing machine for section-thread-sewn and drawn on cover books, suitable for soft cover books that require durability like text books or coffee-table books.
Wire-Saddle Stitching:
We have an in-line wire-saddle stitching machine, the “Muller Martini” with 10 collating stations and a 3-knife trimmer, running at the speed of 6,000 copies per hour. We also have an off-line manually-fed wire-saddle stitching machine, the “Honor”, for short run jobs. We can produce from 500 to over 500,000 copies of saddle-stitched books.
Die-cutting, Embossing and Foil-Stamping Machines:
We are equipped with three manually-fed die-cutting machines that can handle die-cutting, embossing and foil-stamping of decorative orders like folders, cards, wobblers, small display units, etc.
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